Home Again & Another Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is in Retrograde again, which rules travel and communications, and is a time of going over old ground. Between my last post and this one, we squeezed in a work trip with the RS2ndH, with many retrograde themes in evidence. I felt much of our old ground had to do with weather, and how to avoid it while traveling! One of our greatest exercises is learning to develop schedule flexibility for safe travel. Last week, a huge storm dumped 10 inches of snow on my neighborhood, which we missed. That was fine by me, but when we pulled onto our street after arriving back home, all that snow on our driveway needed removed before we could pull the RS2ndH in. Additionally, another 10-15 inch Weather Event is on its way, right NOW. It’s welcome, after a significant drought, so bring it on! Whether we’re having drought, wind, extreme temperatures, or two huge storms in a week’s time, it seems like we’re always living on the edge here. My sister-in-law who is a native-born Texan, once said to me, “I don’t understand all this Weather-Talk. Y’all talk about the weather, a lot.” Uh…You’re not from around here are you? Hmmmm. All I could surmise is she lived in a place where weather didn’t happen. Of course, when one doesn’t have to own a winter coat, gloves, snow blower or shovel, and thinks 40 degrees is cold, I just might have had a good clue!

It was nice getting acquainted again with the RollingSilver2ndHome. Since we’re going over old ground, I had to note that one of the things working for us on the inside was the closet reorganization I had done, weeks earlier. Things were so much easier to access and find, and made living in our little home more efficient. A small knife block I had bought for all our sharp instruments was working very well, which I noted especially after realizing I’d used, cleaned and easily put away every one of them. About half our spices were used, and seems to be working as well. We’re loving the Lounge, the floor we had replaced, and have finally figured out the lock on the shower door. (Yes, I know. Funny isn’t it, how the smallest things sometimes need to be figured out?) Everything from the fabric loops I attached to our towels to hang from hooks, to the “just right” sized memory foam rug in front of the shower is working. Outside, there’s a feeling of security now that we have better wheels, tires and tire monitoring system in place. With a comprehensive checklist and a little experience, our routines have been honed, and given us a feeling of knowing what to expect and how much time it takes to get there.

The end of Mercury Retrograde is March 17, St. Patrick’s Day. Since it rules travel and communications, please double-check before pulling out into traffic. Appointments you may have made most likely will need to be rescheduled. (That’s already happened to me…Weather Event, Anyone?) If you’re having a feeling of taking one step forward, and two steps back, that’s what it’s about. Someone may say to you “go left”, and mean “go right.” It seems we are required to go over old ground, so something we need to learn or discover can be revealed. How we deal with it depends on how much we’re paying attention. If you believe things work out according to timing, Mercury Retrograde will be easier for you to manage. Really, you may as well surrender. For now, just give in, and know that in a few weeks time, matters will smooth themselves out. Until then, take care of those things you can control, and go clean out a closet!