Storage Fitness


This is the time of year people find themselves resolving to lose weight, get fit or (my personal favorite), Get Organized.  After I spent the last year trying to “keep my weight down” by not carrying all my worldly possessions with me, and since the best way to a fit body is to marry one, my focus is on getting organized.  Before we put the RollingSilver2ndHome underground for the winter, our last trip revealed a few places that had turned into hot spots needing attention.  I’ve found the best time to restructure what doesn’t work is when it is fresh, so I spent about an hour getting ready for our next adventure, whenever that may be.

The trick I’ve learned about getting organized is to make it easy to put things away or retrieve them. In some instances I have done this very well, while struggling with others.  For example, I have a distinct group of spices I wouldn’t consider leaving home without.  Those spices have had three different homes in our small Airstream kitchen.  The first location seemed like an obvious choice; a “spice cabinet” that looked the right size, but every time I pulled the door open all my small jars had shifted in transit, and fell out.  My second attempt to corral them was to use a Snapware deviled egg tray (with handle) that I liked initially, because it was dual purpose.  Because of its size however, the best place for it was nowhere near I needed the spices to live, and a hassle to retrieve.  I decided to use prime pantry space for my spices, a slide-out shelf.  Sometimes bending your mind around another option feels like exercise, but once you do and can make it work, it’s a relief.  Like stretching, so you can move more easily!  Do you think I could consider that a version of getting fit?

Another hot spot was the area I call our Supply Closet.  We have two rather large closets in the RS2ndH.  One is used for clothing, and the other for cooking items, paper products, extra towels, cleaning supplies, etc.  Some things were working for me and others weren’t.  By now, I thought I should have a pretty good system worked out and decided to do a simple edit and reorganize, by shifting things around.  Once I began, it only required an hour of my time, with every “category” in its own small bin and instantly visible.  Isn’t it amazing how things can change dramatically simply by moving them around?

Quick view.

Quick view.

Two command hooks helped anchor a skinny wall of clear pockets on the back of the closet door.  Now I can see my small items and find them immediately.

We spent some time updating our mileage log for the RS2ndH before the year’s end, and were surprised to see we had traveled 7500 miles.  (Well, DUH.  Why am I so surprised?  See, Awning Repair and “Sploding” Tires.)  Considering the number, I hope I’m close to figuring things out soon.  Maybe next year with our “Year of Adjustment” behind us, it will turn into something else entirely.  Instead of making resolutions for 2013, I think I’d rather declare my Destination Intentions and go from there.  Being resolute seems like too much work!


Happy Fourth of July!

Independence Day

It’s 102 degrees here today.  We’re expecting 106 degrees in a couple of days, which doesn’t include the “heat index”.  Heat index = Feels Like.  You could say, It’s hotter than a firecracker.  Ugh.  What does this have to do with owning an Airstream, you might ask?  It means it’s entirely too hot to go anywhere. For the first time I can remember, there is a ban on fireworks because of the heat and drought this year.

A special trip was made to fetch the batteries so they could be put on a charger.   It was refreshing to hear, “It’s 55 degrees in our Airstream!”  In this area, we are fortunate to have  underground storage for the  RollingSilver2ndHome.  It’s not far from home, and it’s stored out of the sunlight, heat, cold, and possible/probable, wind/hail/tornadoes.  The humidity is also “just right”.  For someone with Goldilocks inclinations, it feels good to know our storage solution provides a little bit of insurance for extreme weather.