Skydiving RV Park

Traveling with your Airstream in tow means you get to see a different part of the world than you were used to, when renting hotel rooms was the norm.

“So, what choices do we have for campgrounds?  Oh!  Here’s one.  It’s a place where skydivers drop into a field which is right next to where you hook up.  Why Not?  We’ve never done that before…We should go there!

Down a dirt road, up a small hill and across the railroad tracks, we pulled into a small RV park next to an airfield in Huntington, West Virginia.  Once we drove in, we were met by another camper.  Our greeter had arrived right before us and knew there was no one to check us in at the moment.  He told us the owner was mowing, so just pick a spot and he’d catch up with us later.    Once we got settled, I walked out to meet the people we had spoken to, Robert and Stacy.  They were sitting in chairs right behind a split-rail fence, watching planes taking off, and tandem skydivers parachuting onto the field directly in front of us.  Since I know when to approach a good time, I joined them immediately.


They kept coming, all evening long!

While this was going on, it was explained to me that Carl, the owner who liked to fly, wasn’t just going up in any old plane.  He was going up in THIS.  A 1939 Stearman.

How Cool Is This?

A Wooden Propeller

So, this is what the correct plane looks like, attached to a wooden propeller.  I mention this only because I’ve seen plenty of wooden propellers, hanging in antique shops with enhanced price tags, but not seen one with the plane attached.  Perhaps I’ve lived a sheltered life.  It isn’t odd really, that I should feel like an extra in an old movie.

Are you jealous?  How Is It, that we managed to strumble into such a cool setting?  (Actually, I stumbled into it, not strumbling entirely, until much later after many drinks.)  Not only was this a cool setting, but meeting Carl Bailey, the owner of the Robert Newlon Air Park RV Park, along with Robert and Stacy, turned the evening into exactly what I’d hoped for when I started having Airstream dreams.  A personal experience!  Robert and Stacy, you were both a true delight and we were so happy to spend the evening with you.  I look forward to meeting you again, somewhere down the road!

If you want a personal experience of your own, you should check this place out.  I must tell you, when we first read the reviews, we knew it was probably our kind of place.  The reason?  People were complaining about noise from a train that ran right alongside the park.  As the location is in a beautiful river valley with low hills surrounding it, the noise is somewhat amplified as the train thunders past.  I only heard it go by once, and have to say I liked it.  Probably, because I grew up with a train track behind my house, this was an audible childhood memory that took me back to a simpler time…before personal devices replaced personal experiences.  I realize that people will complain about anything they aren’t used to, and if this sounds like something that might bother you, go elsewhere.  That way, the airfield and RV Park can remain a well-known secret.  If however, you decide to go this way and want to try on something different, you really should  investigate.  I hear Robert and Stacy are still there.  We had a great experience with them and Carl in the short time we were there.  You could get lucky like we did, and share a memorable evening too.

Robert Newlon Air Park RV Park

138 Kyle Lane

Huntington, West Virginia   25702