Preplanning, Preparing and at Peace

I’m in Preparation Mode.  A long fall trip has been planned for quite some time to visit the best part of our family, and it won’t be long now!  In a series of small steps, I am attempting to change the…style of energy the last few trips have taken.  It’s much more pleasant to plan with purpose and intention!  While I look forward to our next adventure, I can’t help looking back at the same time.

One thing I’ve observed (often with amusement), is how many people like to travel with all their STUFF.  Now, I’m not a minimalist, but one of the reasons we chose an Airstream is because it’s low, aerodynamic, and “old school”.    (Oh, look what I found! has an example of using “aerodynamic”  in a sentence.  Airstreams are a lightweight, aerodynamic, aluminum original that conjures up visions of summer vacation.)  That’s what I’m talking about.  But not if you don’t keep your weight down, as mentioned to me by a favorite family member.

Most Airstreams don’t have slide-outs, pass-through storage bays, a flight of steps needed to climb inside, giant televisions, kitchen islands or four-door refrigerators.  There are fewer systems to break down (although I feel we’ve already experienced our fair share of that.)  We don’t have to tow our vehicle behind our home, and when we’re not pulling the Airstream, our truck gets surprisingly good gas mileage.  I’ve been known to call the RollingSilver2ndHome our little ranch house, in a campground full of Big Macs, a/k/a “McMansions”.   See what I mean?

Our awning is scheduled for repair this week.  After much research about how to best go about this, we found a guy who will travel to us, remove the awning, make the repair and put it back on.  All in our own driveway.   I bought some tacky party lights to celebrate, once we can unfurl the canvas without fear of flappage.  (OK, I made that word up, but in my own mind it describes the issue.)  While that is going on, I think I’ll just go ahead and pack everything for the next trip, even though I’m a few weeks ahead of schedule.  It will be refreshing to experience a different kind of energy when the time comes to go.  The Zen phase of Preplanned, Prepared and at Peace!