What’s old is new again!

Cassette Storage

The former owner walked us through the Airstream.  It was our first look, so I opened the cabinet and saw the radio…and the tape deck.

“You can take the front off so no one will steal it,” she said.  I grinned and remarked, “Well, nobody wants That!”

Surprisingly, as it turned out, I did.  In the recesses of a little oak card catalog I had completely forgotten, sat my (very old) collection of cassette tapes.  My old friends.  Oh Look!  There’s Howlin’ Wolf, Little Feat, and “Bang Masters” by Van Morrison.  It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you.  How very nice to hear from you again!

Organizing my music! By Category. Jazz, Rock & Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Folk,  Acoustic, Christmas.

Luckily, I never got around to purging that old stuff, since it’s not like it was in my way.  At that time, they were portable!  Why not invite my old cassette classics to take up residence in our Airstream Classic?  After all, it’s original equipment!