Airstream Anniversary-First Year!

Today is our first year anniversary of Airstream ownership.  I was reading that the first year of marriage is often considered the year of adjustment.  This year was certainly that!  Since we are now in the last Mercury Retrograde of 2012, a time of going over old ground (a/k/a One Step Forward, Two Steps Back), it seems appropriate to think back to what the year brought.

Our trips included:  Freezing windy 4 degree cold (with a “feels like” wind chill of -25 degrees), searing 109 degrees with a “compromised” air conditioner, 45 mph cross-winds, a “collectible” wheel lost, six bolts sheared off, two blown tires, awning flappage, a missing air conditioner shroud, dents to the wheel well, a handle missing to the black water tank, and a dead battery converter.  It sounds awfuleventful, doesn’t it?

It also included:  A new floor, a Goldilocks chair, repairs, replacements and upgrades, new wheels and tires, and an opportunity to meet new and familiar faces in distant places.  Every upgrade replaced an ISSUE I’d been having with rolling, cleaning or being able to see, and life kept getting a little easier each time.  We visited areas we hadn’t been before, a few which we knew well, reconnected with family, made new memories and enjoyed our 2nd home.  The negatives can’t begin to outweigh the positive events with our Airstream, during the journey of this first year.

A few new things were learned, which helped us live more comfortably in our RollingSilver2ndHome, and during all kinds of weather.  We now have fold-up fans, small ceramic heaters, water filters, and a few new tools like a step (s)tool, better towing mirrors, and a tire pressure monitoring system.  We’ve developed some new routines, and are finally figuring out how to make this work for us, as easily as we can.  One year later, it helps to be in a place where all we need to remember and pack now, is clothing and food.  It’s great to have a place where everything lives, know the best time to make ice cubes (Very Important),  what needs to come out when we arrive home, and what needs to go back in.  It’s a different perspective on traveling than I’ve experienced before, but I like it.  I like sleeping in the same bed every night, having my own bathroom wherever I go, and a little kitchen, which makes taking care of ourselves convenient.  The “Lounge” is a favorite place where we can stretch out, or have a little space to get away from each other when suffering “travel fatigue”.  With our “Goldilocks” chair, the table serves as office, dining room or kitchen island.

A few other things we’ve learned are: Fill the gas tank before it’s needed; Put away the awning when you’re not there (because When It’s Windy It Really Blows); Always check interior doors and drawers when you stop; Keep the Airstream “Tour Ready” (because someone will want to see it); and Always, Expect the Unexpected.  We’re rolling with it.

Our dents are being taken care of.  What better time for this than Mercury Retrograde?  It’s old ground after all.  I’m choosing to expect our former problems are behind us.  Because if I’ve learned anything, it’s that whatever comes next will be something new.  For some crazy reason, I’m looking forward to it.

Anniversary Cake.  A combination of an old and new recipe. It’s good, but like this last year, I believe there is room for improvement!

Our dent. (By now, one of several.)