Lookin’ in the rearview mirror

What a Week!  Mercury Retrograde was strongly evident in all that we did while we were in Salina, Kansas last week.  Our regular campground was full, so we stayed at “the other one”, just west of town, with not a lick of shade.   There was a car rally in town, which explained the lack of spaces available for those of us who hadn’t planned.  Temperatures soared to 109 degrees, and were 98 degrees at 10:30 p.m.   That was when discovery was made about sub-par air conditioning in our Airstream.    Was it the temperature, or our AC system?  Fortunately, most people would be heading out the next day, so we reserved a spot under the trees as soon as we were able.  Being a Sunday,  we gave up and stayed in my mother-in-law’s apartment while she was in the hospital; our cool oasis for the time.  It was an exercise in counting our blessings wherever we could find them.

Kudos and Many Thanks to Luke Long at Lorenson Industries, Inc, for taking care of our air-conditioning issues.  The breaker kept tripping, and he drilled holes in the shroud to allow heat to escape.  He cleaned cottonwood fluff  from the evaporator coil, and suggested moving the AC wiring to a different breaker, to avoid a thermal breaker trip.  With 42 years experience on RV’s, we were happy to have found him.  Once we moved under some shade and added some extra room circulating fans (Vornado) to get the air flowing, we survived the extreme temperatures in relative comfort.  It’s times like these when certain lessons become indelibly imprinted, like scheduling regular maintenance and seeking shade.  Oh, and making reservations, even though we didn’t have a choice in that matter!

Once we were able to move on from maintenance, we noticed all the great cars in town for the weekend.  Car people are a hardy bunch, to schedule their rally in the middle of summer in Salina.  You have to love them for making an effort to show up when The Heat is ON.  For Days.  They were everywhere; a visual feast!

Cool Car



Check out the sidewalls!

Wanna’ go for a ride?

My mother-in-law is home from the hospital, and feeling so much better!  She had to revisit an old issue to keep her health in balance, which is often what Mercury Retrograde is good for.  While she was out of her apartment, I reorganized her pantry and bathroom storage so everything would be within reach and easily viewed.  She sprained her wrist a few months ago reaching for something too high, so I made it my business to bring it down to a more accessible level for her.  We found someone to run errands, which is a relief for all of us.  Thanks for your prayers.

It was an exhausting, extreme, exhilarating week.  I can already tell Mercury has gone direct, as I am able to use my computer without incident, and plans are finally proceeding forward.  We found the right person to repair our awning, which is scheduled soon.  I’m grateful to wave goodbye to this episode in my rear-view mirror, and look forward to our next adventure!

Luke Long

Lorenson Industries, Inc.

461 E. Avenue A, South Industrial Area

Salina, Kansas  67401