THERE you are!

Do you ever have a strong feeling about something, and when it turns out exactly the way you expected it is not a bit surprising?

Our Airstream came to us after a long period of searching, and when that day finally arrived, it was a feeling of “THERE you are!”  Because we live in an area of the country with no dealership close by and Airstream sightings seem rare, we knew we would have to do some serious research.  It was a long process, from figuring out how “vintage” we were willing to go, to the size and floor plan we felt most comfortable with. The decision was finally made to seek out nothing older than a 2001, 28 ft. Classic, after we realized an extra three feet gave us the option of another foot of kitchen counter, more closet space and room for seating  a couple of guests (or a Goldilocks chair!)  More than likely, it would be our only Airstream purchase, so we wanted to think it all the way through before we wish we’d made other choices or had regrets.

Whether or not you believe in signs, intuition, physic ability or visualization, I was having a very strong feeling we were about to find our Second Home.  It was fall, and there had been nothing to see within a few hours from home.  We planned to meet family in North Carolina and decided to see what we could find along the way. It wasn’t until we were on the way home, I noticed two Airstreams on the road in one day.  It felt significant.  In fact, we saw TWO Airstreams on the road every day after that!  Was this a “road” sign? There hadn’t been any  28 ft. Classics to see in person in a long while, but we  found two to inspect on the way home.  The first one we saw was an almost-but-not-quite-perfect fit, and it was quite a distance from home.  We hadn’t found our tow vehicle yet and our wish was to find what we were seeking, closer to where we lived.

Don’t they always say you find what you’re looking for in the last place you look?

Only a few hours from home, we met our 2002 Airstream Classic!  When it finally arrived in the driveway,  we decided to celebrate the homecoming by introducing it to our friends and family with a small series of impromptu cocktail parties.  (What else?)  Welcome Home Rolling Silver 2nd Home!

Welcome to our new home!