Plan B

It’s time for Plan B.  Awning Guy flaked on us.  After we scheduled a service call, it got complicated.  Suddenly he was swamped by other work, and needed us to do all the running around.  What?  Interesting, isn’t it, when an agreement to pay someone the fee they set, with the arrangements they made, suddenly becomes our problem?  Considering that another place wanted a similar arrangement (which we declined) and one wouldn’t even consider a repair, this feels a bit like a fiasco.  We were told by one dealer we should buy a new awning.  Seriously?  Even at 10 years old, our awning looks barely used.  How in the world does it make sense to buy a new awning instead of making a simple repair?  Oh, That’s Right.  I understand perfectly.  It only makes sense for the one selling me an awning!

Instead of spending precious energy on negative feelings for customer service “providers” who don’t provide customer service, it’s time to move on.  The thing I appreciate about research is once you’ve looked over the options, you realize you have some.  Do you know that expression?  “Put a pencil to it.”  I grew up hearing that, so guess what?  After putting a pencil to it, it made sense to detour our trip plans past Reliable RV in Springfield, Missouri to make the awning right again.  Once they told us the awning could be walked across the street to be re-sewn, the hassle of all this disappeared.  Plan B, you’re lookin’ pretty good right now!

This Too Shall Pass.

Tacky Party Lights Await!