Beginning and Ending – Awning Repair and “Sploding” Tires

Whew! Three weeks blew by in what seemed like a heartbeat. Preparing for this trip seemed like it took much longer than the time we spent away from home, although being in our RollingSilver2ndHome made it much easier than it might have been.

The first day was spent making our way to Springfield, MO, with Reliable RV as our destination. Our awning repair was scheduled, and we were hopeful it would go well so we could be on our way. The repair was made, and I was able to mark it as DONE. It was a happy moment for me when we could finally string our party lights on the extended awning, knowing I was done thinking about this to finally experience it instead. Once the lights were plugged in, my favorite 7 year old declared with hands on hips, “I like them.” Is it odd that I should feel happy to have his approval? It was most satisfying to know we felt the same way about the lights. Of course, the clips we used to string them turned out to be hangar clips for drying clothes. These were not what I originally intended to use, but instead worked out best for the lights so they were Dual Purpose. (If you do not know by now I love Dual Purpose items best, then someone hasn’t been paying attention.)

Owls – 1970’s Revisited!

We were 120 miles from home when someone pulled up beside us on the road and rolled down their window. “Your rear tire blew”, they mouthed. Thank You Good Samaritan! We pulled off the road, and sure enough, the tire had “sploded”, the sidewall tearing and tread falling to pieces. There was a quick tire change, and immediate Googling for the address of a tire store in the next town. Once we arrived, the tire was replaced and we were on our way. My Better Half does not believe in driving any distance without a spare. It’s a good thing, because three miles from home, the other tire on the same side of the trailer blew. It was timely I suppose, that we had several tire discussions with others about the problems with certain trailer tires. Personally, we’ve had issues now with three out of four. Obviously, it’s time for a change. Upgrades are completely necessary before we go another mile. Oh, and you know those repairs needed to the aluminum skin? When the second tire went, it took out the handle to the black water tank with it. It’s a good thing this happened before Repairs were made. Fortunately, the tank was empty, so it’s not needed soon. It will be nice to look forward to a time when we don’t end a trip needing to look forward to repairs. Even with all of this, we’re not discouraged. Not Yet. Stuff happens. Right?

Time for a new approach, wouldn’t you say?

The first year of Airstream ownership has been…um…revealing, about where the weak links are with our systems, whether they are routines, refreshing, repairs or revisiting that which has come before. The second long trip was much easier than the first, so things are getting better. In no way could I have declared we were having a “South Dakota Badlands Moment”, even though the end of our journey seemed like It’s Always Somethin’. After all, we did travel over 2200 miles. Did I mention I got sick the second day after we headed for home? At least I got to sleep in my own bed, even though I didn’t get to spend quite enough time in it. Will Our Third Long Trip Be The Charm? I’ll think about that tomorrow. For now, I’m going to bed.


Almost Ready!

Let’s talk about sheets shall we?  For anyone living in a RollingSilver2ndHome, they ARE NOT an easy subject.  You see, beds in an RV aren’t traditionally sized.  Typically, they aren’t the same as the one you sleep on peacefully at home.  In fact, without some added Topping, they aren’t all that comfortable either.  Enter memory top foam.  Find a mattress pad that fits.  If you opted for twin beds in the bedroom in order to have a normal sized pathway, so things in your built-in storage could actually be accessed, and because you wanted the open visual length of your Airstream to maximize the feeling of space…well, then you know what I’m talking about.  (Don’t forget my penchant for pairs.  Two beds change the bedroom by turning it into a Lounge.  Do I even need to say it?  Dual Purpose!)  Anyway,  the mattresses are curved to fit the outside curves of our iconic silver trailer.  Like shoes, there is a Right side and a Left side.  Oh Boy.

I’ll confess that I originally bought custom, curved sheets, thinking they would be a perfect fit.  In fact, they were not.  There is not a lot of room for changing the sheets in the tiny Lounge.  When sheets are a perfect fit, it is perfectly impossible to get them on.  It’s like trying to put on a pair of too-tight jeans by lying flat on the bed, holding your breath to zip up, and jumping up and down to stretch and move all into position.  After struggling with these for too long, I knew something had to change.

My revelation came in the mail via The Company Store sale catalog.  My favorite sheets are jersey knit, which are no longer easy to find.  The quality suffers for many sheets, often seeming to be thin “seconds” that won’t fold up properly, nor do they have any kind of straight edge.  After noticing the sheets at The Company Store would fit a deep mattress with a contiguous elastic band, I figured I might be able to get these to actually FIT, without twisting into a pretzel to get them on.  Ordered!  The first thing attempted was to make the bed(s).  Knowing the struggle needed to do this in the past, they were approached with trepidation.  You know what?  My bed making issues are OVER.  Within a few minutes the sheets were on, and tucked into a refreshed, beautifully made, crisp, inviting bed.  Aaahhhhh.  That’s more like it!

Our time of Preplanning, Preparing and at Peace was just that.  The weekend was spent readying the RollingSilver2ndHome for the next excursion.  There was No Rushing.  Imagine! Once we’d put everything to bed (so to speak), I plugged in a cassette tape and we had a cold drink.  It was raining.  Although it wasn’t enough to make any difference to our drought, the rain-fresh smell was reviving.  The light has changed and there are beginning hints of fall.  The hummingbirds are very busy, gearing up for their long flight south, the same way I’m looking forward to some road miles.  You know, I never feel like I’m on my way until we’re down the road, because of the energy required to get there.  There’s very little now left to do, and I’m relaxed and calm.  It seems right to be slipping into a vacation frame of mind.  I’m ready.

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The next road sign I want to see!