A new Airstream tool

OK, it may not be every guy’s favorite tool, but it is one I have already found a need for.  You see, we had an alarming amount of bird droppings to remove from the outside of our Airstream, and it was…just…out…of…reeeeaaaccch.  There was entirely too much discussion about needing to remove it, before taking it down the road to harden and bake onto the aluminum skin.  SO, I was walking through Bed Bath & Beyond and saw this Cosco aluminum step-tool.  After picking it up to see how light it was, it went in my cart.  Immediately.  In fact, before I got out of the store, someone wanted to know where I got the step-(s)tool.  (I seem to have that effect on people in stores.  Apparently, I must look like I know exactly what I’m doing.)

Cosco® Signature Two-Step Aluminum Step Stool

I still hear my niece telling me, “You’ve got to keep your weight down.”  She may have meant MY weight, but we were talking about how much stuff to put in your RV.  Of course I used a 20% off coupon.  Did I mention my new step-tool is almost feather-light?