Wind Advisories

Remember “Weather Permitting?” Well, it isn’t. Permitting any kind of travel that is. I’ve been watching the trees blowing around outside, and I’m already exhausted by it. There were Wind Advisories the last two days and wind gusts up to 45 mph. The last time the RS2ndH smacked up against 45 mph winds, once we were safely parked in one place, much alcohol was consumed. There was awning flappage, research and repairs needed. Since I’ve already been there, I don’t need to do THAT again. Now, I grew up in the plains, where wind is a likely occurrence. We scoff at warnings to people to secure trash cans and lids, and patio furniture. Of course you do. Because you never know when the wind is going to kick up. Weather happens here. In fact, they are frequently called Weather Events, because they are eventful.

This time, we checked intensively before heading anywhere. Often. Because things can change in an instant. Better Half mentioned we are more fortunate than our parents who traveled in a similar manner, without the benefit of mobile devices to warn of weather as they headed off to their destination. Now we can prepare ourselves with High Definition Radar, Torcon Index and Weather Advisories, with hourly predictions of what kind of conditions to expect. Isn’t technology great?

Fortunately, there were some extra days scheduled into the plan for just this type of event. Even though it’s February, spring has come early here. Sometimes, you simply have to go with the flow…unless there’s too much airflow to go.


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