Final Ending and Fresh Beginning!

At the beginning of December, we got the call our Airstream dents and dings had been removed and it was time to bring it home. We traveled to Reliable RV in Springfield, excited to see our rolling home again. It was 76 degrees when we went, with weather records broken throughout that weekend; windy and feeling like spring. Even though it didn’t seem like December, the weather felt appropriate somehow…like a new beginning and a great way to end the year. What a relief to see the RollingSilver2ndHome whole again, and looking good! Thanks to John and Phillip, we were all happy to meet and rejoice in a big job well done. Whew!

Great Job! Thank You!

Great Job! Thank You!

After this, it feels like we now have a relationship with a dealership we can trust and happily embrace for the future of our Airstream issues. We were told that while our work was being done, another guy with the same issues (wheels, tires, body damage), came in with his Airstream. After seeing the work being done on ours, he was confident they could do the job, and chose to have his repaired. (Have I mentioned that I am often good for business?) How nice to cross that off our list, feeling like we made good improvements along with new relationships. Wally Byam often said, “Let’s not make changes; let’s make only improvements!” Exactly.

With satisfaction, we are ending the year with our huge learning curve behind us, Refreshed and Revitalized! I’m certain there will be new lessons to be learned, enjoyed and endured. For now, I’m ready to relish the holiday season with this chapter behind us.



If you need body work done, or have other issues, speak to John and
Philip. I highly recommend them!

Reliable RV
438 S. Ingram Mill Rd.
Springfield, MO 65802


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