You thought we were leaving, didn’t you? There was a little more refreshing to do, which arrived on our doorstep in a box with some led replacement lights. It’s an upgrade we’ve been considering for a while, so this seemed timely with a holiday weekend available for accomplishing that. Out with the energy sucking halogens and fluorescents! Add to those our tacky party lights, and we’ll be seeing things in a new way soon.

Does this (slightly dirty) wheel seem familiar? I’m hoping you recognize it because you have one for sale. I’d like to complete my collection, and if you can help me, I would be so appreciative. We are headed to Virginia through Missouri, Kentucky, West Virginia, and back through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri. If you have one of these and are anywhere close on my route, I’ll come and look!


This is now officially Old News. We have updated to new wheels and tires, and these are WANTED No Longer!


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